Romeos Restaurant Falmouth

Honest, Flavourful Food

A Few Words About Our Restaurant

The tale of Romeo’s and I’s story begins over a decade ago. I found Romeo as a rescue roaming the streets of Boston, and instantly knew he was the perfect companion. He was—and still is—intelligent, charismatic, and friendly to all. Yet above all, this dog is a lover. He quickly stole everyone’s heart, and even in light of issues with his vision, it was all about kisses and affection, leading to being named Romeo.


Pull Up A Chair

Our Story And How It All Started

Romeo has been a loyal companion ever since, journeying with me since I was a young cook in Boston, then a traveling chef, and finally returning as corporate chef for Coje Restaurant Group. He loyally accompanied me from Boston to Alaska and back again. Owning a restaurant has been a dream for many years, and when our team started to brainstorm what it might look like, Romeo made perfect sense as a model: his welcoming nature, comfort, and charm.

Here at Romeo’s, we strive to provide a fun, social environment with modern, upscale offerings… in a fun, accessible, and shareable format. We’re not into formalities here at Romeo’s, and while we welcome you to join us for special occasions, we hope we’ve built something that you share with your friends and come back to again and again throughout the year.